About Us

People Leaders, where leaders discover their future.

Our Difference

People Leaders philosophy is to deliver comprehensive and innovative business education. These programmes are time and cost affordable to make them accessible for all organisations in New Zealand.

The foundations of our pre-eminent programmes are research, science leveraging your own commercial experience.

People Leaders is a division of New Zealand Institute of Management and Leadership, a leadership provider with a proud 75 year history.

Your Experience

People Leaders faculty is of the highest standard. Our facilitators apply research and personal and professional experiences to deliver unique New Zealand business education programmes. You will discuss practical issues faced by business leaders on a daily basis, your thinking will be challenged and your real world experience will help shape your future and that of your organisation. All of this will be invaluable in contributing to your future leadership success.

Our Approach

People Leaders specialise in providing commercially transferable skills with local relevance and a global perspective. We recognise that senior level business education is invaluable to your personal and professional journey. We will provide a commercial return to your organisation that far outweighs the initial investment. We believe in rewarding excellence through our programmes. The curriculum design of each programme incorporates a variety of learning methods including case-studies, self-evaluation, workshops, syndicates and presentations.

Our vision for you

Visionary thinking is cultivated when you surround yourself with like-minded, entrepreneurial leaders. Learn how to create a culture that encourages innovation and pioneer thinking.

Develop the confidence that will allow you to lead others and equally let you be led.

Become a people leader others look up to.