Leadership Psychology

Explore your leadership style and increase your ability to lead, communicate and deliver.


Leadership Psychology is an innovative cross-disciplinary programme. It integrates the study and practice of positive leadership and organisational systems with the fundamentals of human psychology, to create a 21st century approach to executive leadership.

Explore leadership styles, determine your personal preference for leadership and identify and address the mental obstacles blocking you from a higher level of performance.

This approach to leadership teaches you the skills and perspectives necessary to meet the challenges of our highly networked world. Leadership Psychology emphasises the need to understand individual and group behaviours as a complex system, in order to achieve sustainable change.

Building resilience is fundamental in this programme, because we live in a world of change. Your leadership will be most effective when you can be true to your personal values and perceive the opportunity in all situations, foster a positive culture: especially when people feel at risk.

What to expect during the programme

Positive leadership benefits your business far beyond the traditional measures used for success. Personal development is about growing in self-responsibility and increasing your 'toolbox' for positive responsiveness. This programme will challenge your personal and professional growth.

Increase your strength, clarity and gain personal insights from reflective practice and increase your positive contribution to your home and work life.

You will complete a pre-course reflective activity to warm up to prepare yourself for the programme.

Discover if the programme is right for you

Applications are encouraged from senior managers from a wide range of industries and professions. Promotion often happens on technical ability, this programme will suit all senior managers who are looking to build their self-awareness as a leader, increase their ability to navigate through mental obstacles, increase their resilience and build positive constructive work cultures.

This programme is for people who intend to make a difference by developing themselves in order to positively mobilise others.



  • In a complex and uncertain workplace, providing clarity is both a talent and a skill. How do I cut through everything that bombards us to create clarity for my team and my workplace?
  • What is the latest research on how the brain works and how do I apply this to reduce anxiety and fears about the changes to come?
  • The world of work is constantly changing, so is our understanding of psychology. How can the latest research in psychology of motivation support me to bring my team with me through changes and growth?
  • How do I gain a better understanding of my people to create an environment of positive engagement?


  • Resilience is the ability to have inner strength, overcome obstacles, learn from them and apply the learning to establish new opportunities. How do I build resilience for myself and my team?
  • What are the key enablers of a positive, constructive and resilient work climate?
  • How can I build strong relationships and encourage my team and colleagues to do the same, to foster networks across the organisation, with our clients and stakeholders?
  • What are the essential communication skills that will affirm my team and colleagues and how do I apply them effectively?
  • How do I identify and promote meaningful work to engage and grow the talent of my people?


  • Transformation is essential for growth, for individuals, the organisation and business. How can I be an agent for transformation in myself and others?
  • Flick or stick? How do I identify those performances that no longer serve us well, minimise or change them while retaining the vital and positive performance that will bring us to a new future?
  • How do we bring our 'best self' to work every day, keeping it fresh and invigorating for ourselves and our teams?
  • How do we engage vision, passion, inspiration and drive high performance goals for ourselves and our teams?


  • Apply the tools of this programme to create your own framework in context to:
    • Understand your key drivers and become a positive appreciative leader
    • Refocus on values and balance at work and in your life
    • Enable your team to work with confidence and develop their talent
    • Build a positive and engaged workplace culture.

Return for your investment

This is a residential programme and your fee covers tuition, materials, meals, activities and accommodation. The impact of the programme will last long after you participate. No payment is required until you have been accepted onto the programme.


Our faculty will deliver best practice in commercial leadership frameworks. They will draw upon personal and professional success and leverage global research to help you develop new skills and capabilities that make an immediate visible difference when you return to your organisation.

Additional details

Select Braemar Lodge, Hanmer Springs 25-27 September 2019

This programme will be held at Select Braemar Lodge. Select Braemar Lodge is 10 minutes from Hanmer Springs Village and 90 minutes north of Christchurch.

Accommodation is included at Select Braemar Lodge. Check-in Wednesday 25 September and check-out Friday 27 September 2019.

Investment does not include any travel requirements.

Registration from 3pm Wednesday 25 September 2019. Programme commences 4.30pm on Wednesday 25 September 2019 and concludes 4pm Friday 27 September 2019.

To apply

To apply, complete the application form online or contact info@peopleleaders.co.nz for a printable copy. The application form must be completed in full for your application to be considered. Payment is not required until you have been accepted into the programme.

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For further information or assistance, phone People Leaders on 03 341 7700 or email info@peopleleaders.co.nz