Building Effective Stakeholder Relationships

Leadership Development EDUCATOR SERIES


Build your awareness of who your key stakeholders are. Build your understanding of your key stakeholders core drivers. Empower your interactions with key stakeholders. Develop more effective working relationships with core interested parties.

What to expect during the programme

- Defining your key stakeholder groups is the first step in building cohesion in your support networks, increase your awareness and expectations from your stakeholders

- Develop stronger partnerships with those who have a vested interest in school outcomes

- Learn how to identify the key influencers and their levels of interest in projects

- Expand your core communication skills when leading from the front


Who can we identify as stakeholders?

Understanding their interest and motivations.

Identifying common ground. Where is the win-win?

How do we build trust and how do we use this as our platform to build effective relatioinships?

What are the fundamental communication channels that we can use to better work with key stakeholders?

Return for your investment

The People Leaders Educator Series offers great value PLD for schools. We aim to deliver quality leadership learning, new skills and capabilties that will be readily applicable in the school setting.



Debra Buckley is the CEO of the New Zealand Institute of Management and Leadership, Board Chairperson of the Natural Pet Food Group and the Board of Trustees Chairperson for a local Canterbury primary school. Debra is an experienced adult educator and consistently delivers high energy, practical leadership programmes which are well researched and presented from the foundation findings of neuroscience and human behaviour.

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