Neuroscience and Effective Human Behaviour

Leadership Development EDUCATOR SERIES


Gain a better understand how our brain's function controls our social behaviours and interactions.What does this mean in a professional context when we consider the actions, reactions and responses of ourselves and others in a team environment?

What to expect during the programme

- Human interactions are the foundation of the role of a teacher

- Relationships are built and derailed on communication, develop a toolbox to identify and relate to four dominate social styles

- Leverage the most current research in the brain, communication and being relatable

- Explore the five key areas of the brain and the principle of communication fluency including, reading others, body language, social interactions and harmony among a group


Explore the breadth of teacher interactions that occur

Understand your communication style and how it drives your interactions

Why do you think, act and respond like you do? Where do you sit on the social style quadrant?

What can we learn from the latest research and why does this matter.

Deeper understanding of communication principles, consistency of message and using holistic communication to best effect.

Return for your investment

The People Leaders Educator Series offers great value PLD for schools. We aim to deliver quality leadership learning, new skills and capabilties that will be readily applicable in the school setting.



Debra Buckley is the CEO of the New Zealand Institute of Management and Leadership, Board Chairperson of the Natural Pet Food Group and the Board of Trustees Chairperson for a local Canterbury primary school. Debra is an experienced adult educator and consistently delivers high energy, practical leadership programmes which are well researched and presented from the foundation findings of neuroscience and human behaviour.

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