Operational Leadership

Challenge your thinking to maximise productivity, shape positive change and create harmony between your vision, values and process.


Strategy without Operations is a daydream.
Operations without Strategy is a nightmare.
Either without Leadership cannot exist.

This programme exposes you as a senior manager to developing key competencies of operational leadership transforming strategic priorities into operational plans through clear communication, assigning accountabilities, resource allocation, internal process definition and ongoing measurement.

There is great commercial reward through developing innovation, responding continuously to operational challenges by taking a systems approach to change and process improvement amidst a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment and addressing customer/user needs – the introduction of risk mitigation.

Through this programme you will develop your leadership skills and experience the science and art of effective decision-making and be exposed to tools that assist you in doing this. Elements of the programme include innovation, opportunity/issue identification, information gathering, weighing of choices, design thinking and action commitments: all ensuring you will be more effective and motivated in day-to-day operations. A key outcome for operational excellence is an increased ability to drive user/client loyalty and build an understanding of the drivers of customer satisfaction, retention and brand devotion and an organisational culture that fosters this.

During Operational Leadership you will explore the following topics:

  • Leadership
  • Strategy
  • Design Thinking
  • Innovation
  • Culture and Organisation
  • Talent Development
  • Translating Strategy into Execution

What to expect during the programme

Operational Leadership will provide you with the opportunity to further develop yourself as a leader, an understanding your particular talents, teaching you the value of creating strong relationships with business partners and users, both in your supply chain and within your organisation, and means of exerting your positive influence whether you are in a position of authority or not.

The programme leverages systems and processes to attract, develop, engage and retain talented individuals who form your long-term capability pipeline: building a sustainable operations strategy.

Discover if the programme is right for you

Applications are encouraged from senior managers who lead change, who direct contractors, operations and projects, to deadlines and who lead to meet the needs of the marketplace. Also those managers moving from a general management to a leadership role.

Participants will have a sense of being commercially and creatively challenged to think outside of their sector or experience, during the programme. They will see the value in applying a user orientation to leading their operation. They will experience and value time for discussion and reflection as a significant benefit of the programme in the development of the organisation and their development. They will learn from peer's experiences. They will be exposed to current and developing global perspectives and trends, with a variety of examples, on operational leadership practice.



  • Know what is meant by 'leadership' (strategic vs operational vs people vs personal leadership)
  • Understand leadership styles and identify strengths and weaknesses in each of the leadership domains
  • Measure and understand your key talents, strengths and weaknesses
  • Examine ways you can develop your leadership; including successful career transitioning.
  • Understand how to have influence with or without authority in the organisation.
  • What is strategy? Frameworks of strategy to understand and use


  • What is innovation and applying the Sinek HOW WHAT and WHY Model
  • Know how to cultivate a culture of innovation – including proven, practical ideas that other organisations have used to drive innovation in the workplace, (and see what you can do in your own organisation).
  • Experience 'The Business Model Canvas' – a great way to understand your, products, markets, key partners, value chain and your customer
  • Understand the concept and the application of Design Thinking in your organisation and being customer and value centric.
  • Understand the potential impact of emerging technologies on business today and in the future e.g. artificial intelligence and deep learning.


  • Embrace the key elements of effective execution: clear communication, accountability assignment, resource allocation, internal process definition and ongoing measurement
  • A practical workshop on translating Company strategy into an execution plan
  • Discover tools you will master in operational delivery:
    • Influence: Strengthen your influence throughout the delivery process
    • Decision Making: Effective decision making in the execution mode
    • Productivity: Driving productivity in your organisation as a manager and/or leader
    • Change Management: What this means and how you use principles of change management in your organisation.


  • The Team is everything:
    • The definition of a team versus a group – and what makes a team effective
    • Keys to making every team member feel valued and important – use of Affinity Diagram
    • Building relationships that enhance cooperation among team members
    • How to ignite enthusiasm and gain buy-in for accomplishing goals
    • Understanding the basic things that motivate today's workers, (expect to be surprised).
    • Creative ideas for keeping your team motivated


  • Key concepts of the talent cycle of sourcing, performing, developing and rewarding – recognising and developing the best talents in your people and ensuring you have the right skills
  • Recognising and developing your own talents and career development.

Return for your investment

This is a residential programme and your fee covers tuition, materials, meals, activities and accommodation. The impact of the programme will last long after you participate. No payment is required until you have been accepted onto the programme.


Our faculty will deliver best practice in commercial leadership frameworks. They will draw upon personal and professional success and leverage global research to help you develop new skills and capabilities that make an immediate visible difference when you return to your organisation.

Additional details

Select Braemar Lodge, Hanmer Springs 14-16 August 2019

This programme will be held at Select Braemar Lodge. Select Braemar Lodge is 10 minutes from Hanmer Springs Village and 90 minutes north of Christchurch.

Accommodation is included at Select Braemar Lodge. Check-in Wednesday 14 August 2019 and check-out Friday 16 August 2019.

Investment does not include any travel requirements.

Registration from 3.00pm Wednesday 14 August 2019. Programme commences 4.30pm on Wednesday 14 August 2019 and concludes 4pm Friday 16 August 2019.

To apply

Complete the application form online or contact info@peopleleaders.co.nz for a printable copy. The application form must be completed in full for your application to be considered. Payment is not required until you have been accepted into the programme.

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