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People Leaders offers a comprehensive portfolio of programmes. Our programme suite includes:

  • People Leaders Business Series - A series of four independently formulated programmes targeting the development of key business and senior management capability.
  • People Leaders Emerging Leaders Programme – An intensive and proven programme series of three two-day workshops encouraging accelerated leadership growth for the ambitious. Stimulating learning environment with a cohort of peers contributing diverse experience.
  • SkillBOX programmes – Fundamental technical skills are delivered in these proven one-day training days accessible to corporate subscribers. Programmes are offered in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin and Invercargill
  • Women Leading in 2020 on Influence and Growth - A one-day Summit featuring 5 inspirational New Zealand women leaders plus a rigorous panel discussion on Authenticity in Leadership - Influence vs Influencer.

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Delivering a tactical approach to business.

Free training days accessible to corporate subscribers.

Career development for the ambitious.

Intensive residential programmes delivering commercial business skills.