Leading from the Front


Leading from the Front is all about learning the skills that make others want to listen and respond. Having the capability to organise your thoughts, use appropriate language and effective communication tools to deliver a meaningful message, that others want to listen to.

In this inspiring one-day programme your capacity as a leader will rapidly be developed as you learn immediately applicable skills and techniques that empower your message and your presence.

You will gain

Confidence in telling a story and selling a message. Sharing your vision and ideas is a critical path in building your personal brand and developing the skills to lead a conversation will ensure you have the opportunity to contribute.

Your Organisation will Benefit

When you increase your ability to engage with others in a leading manner you will become a more effective contributor.

Learning Outcomes

  • Provide direction and tools to deliver a message
  • Learn how to work a room in a meeting or group setting
  • Discover how public speaking can increase your credibility
  • Increase your ability to influence others