Engaging Others


Engaging Others more effectively is a capability that's beneficial to most, if not all, in your organisation. Focusing on increasing the power of your engagement, this programme looks at 'self' - your style and strengths, in the context of your role, your organisation culture and the types of interaction you have and wish to have.

Heavily 'outcomes' focused this one-day programme is relevant to those wanting better success working with clients, within a team or in a leadership role. The learnings are immediately applicable in both a professional and personal context benefiting both you and your organisation.

You will gain

A greater understanding that people are your greatest asset and your ability to engage effectively will determine your success.

Your Organisation will Benefit

Company culture is fundamental in achieving results, when a team talks the same language everyone gains in confidence and productivity.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify your natural strengths
  • Develop your effectiveness in communicating with others
  • Communicate and engage with an understanding of emotional intelligence
  • Expand your interpersonal skills