Time Management


The ability to achieve goals, be focused yet remain agile, and utilise your time appropriately and effectively is critical for success in most, if not all, organisations.

Through this one-day programme on Time Management you will become more aware of your current behaviours, learn readily applicable strategies on workload management and understand how you can achieve a more positive and satisfying working experience.

You will gain

Learn how to improve your workflow while maintaining the agility to meet competing demands.

Your Organisation will Benefit

Organisations who encourage self-managing, productive, positive and resilient people by leveraging constructive use of time are more innovative and creative.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop a strategy to attain greater personal productivity with built in agility
  • Recognise the synergy and mutual connections between goals and tasks to maximise accomplishment
  • Establish, priortise, plan and organise workload
  • Minimise interruptions, distractions and factors that absorb our use of time and distract from completion